How to Profit from Social Media Stay Focused on the Needs of Your Visitors (What’s Important to Them)

Posted by chucktrautman on July 20, 2017

Everyone surfs the web differently. Some are happy to read page after page of content, while others need to be more visually stimulated through a combination of text, photos and video. Adding video content helps to put your company in front of your web visitors, allowing you to connect with them in a more personal way. Video lets you make eye contact with your visitors, putting your customers and potential customers at ease, which helps create that all-important connection that, in turn, allows you to gain their trust.

Successful business is more than just about the “hard sale” – it’s about personal connections because without them, there is no sale. With an added video element to your website or blog, it’s easier than ever to make those personal connections. Prospective clients can get a good ‘read’ on you and make a much more informed (and often faster) decision about your products or services.

Strategies to Develop and Build Stronger Customer Relationships

Posted by chucktrautman on July 6, 2017

Have you ever tried to glue something, only to find that the glue was actually stronger than what you applied it to, so the end result was another break? The same thing can happen when trying to stick like glue to your customers. If your foundation isn’t very strong, the best glue in the world won’t help you.

Your foundation is the relationship you have with your customers. It is your level of customer service—the way your business treats and values customers. In order to succeed in any business, excellent customer service is paramount. I’ve always stood on the principle that you can never go too far with customer service.

Bill Glazer, internationally recognized marketing expert, uses the phrase, “Inspect what you expect.” By that, he means that you should honestly evaluate how your company is addressing your customers.

How? There are two excellent ways.

  • You can pose as a customer, or
  • You can have someone play that role on your behalf—this is known as mystery shopping.

Marketing Tips to Make Your Small Business Stand Out: Host Special Events

Posted by chucktrautman on June 29, 2017

You can host special classes, contests and other events relating to your business throughout the year. You might consider hosting a course at a local school that lets people learn more about what your business has to offer. This is one of the top choices among marketing tips for small business entrepreneurs that you can use as it allows you to show off your knowledge to more people. If used right, it should be easier for your business to be seen as trustworthy and that the people in your business know what you have to offer.

Marketing Tips to Make Your Small Business Stand Out: Allow Your Old Data to Stand Out

Posted by chucktrautman on June 22, 2017

The old information on your website can always be promoted in a new light. This can be ideal for when you’re trying to reaffirm new customers about your work or when you want to get people who aren’t familiar with you to learn more about what you have.

A good part of this small business marketing strategy can involve taking old pieces of data and getting them posted on social media sites or even creating new infographics relating to that content. Anything that lets your old work look new in some manner is always worthwhile for your business.

Marketing Tips to Make Your Small Business Stand Out: Focus on Your Content

Posted by chucktrautman on June 15, 2017

While marketing a small business through various online resources can be useful, it is important for you to think about how your content works. You need to make online content for your website or business that shows that you understand whatever it is you are trying to promote and that you are an expert in the field that you are in. This can help you to get people to feel confident in your work.