3 BIG Secrets of Profitable Newsletter Marketing

Posted by chucktrautman on December 10, 2020

Here are 3 huge secrets with you about newsletter marketing that will bring you success.

#1: Newsletters help you keep customers.

As I have said repeatedly, it’s far more costly to acquire new customers than it is to retain your existing ones. A good newsletter program helps you create relationships with your customers.

When you share information in your newsletter, you build trust and establish rapport. When you share valuable information, your customers will actually look forward to receiving your newsletter.

Plus it helps you stay top-of-mind with them. As soon as they receive it, they’re thinking about you and your company. Issue after issue, you build stronger relationships with your customers.

#2: Newsletters help you get new customers.

Good, informative articles give your newsletter what marketing pros call “pass-along” value. When a customer passes along one of your newsletters to a friend, relative, or colleague, you get a referral. Your customers don’t simply hand over your newsletter.

They’ll hand it over with a statement like, “Charlie, you have got to read this. I read this article and know it will help you as well. An XYZ Company is great. I deal with them all the time.”

People read newsletters as publications, not as marketing pieces, so they’re more receptive to the information they contain…including information about your company and what you offer. When faced with blatant marketing materials like brochures and sales literature, most readers work to block the information, because we’re all too inundated with advertisements every day.

But when newsletters offer articles and valuable information, they’re more likely to be read, remembered, and passed along.

#3: Newsletters help build credibility.

When people read your brochure, they read it as advertising and are naturally resistant to the message. However, when they read your newsletter, they read it like a publication, and the message gets through.

You can share tips and stories about how others benefited from your product or service. Include statistics and testimonials. They help build credibility.

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